The 6 Best Propane Torch Reviews and Buying Guide

Propane torch (alternatively knows as blow lamp) is a handheld torch which uses hydrocarbon gas propane as a fuel. Typically, the propane torches are used in manufacturing, construction, metalwork, etc. Choosing the best propane torches with powerful intensity could prove beneficial for small chores such as welding.
If you want to equip your home garage with a tool that can be used for welding, soldering, brazing, searing, or some other repair tasks then a propane torch is the best solution.
The three important aspects you need to consider for buying a propane torch are discussed below:

Material: A chosen propane torch must be durably constructed from premium quality materials. It is not recommended to frequently replace your propane torch due to poor construction. The aluminum and steel are the most commonly used materials in the construction of the propane torches. In such propane torches, the components like the pipe, bell, and torch head are durably constructed. Some other material choices you can consider are metal, plastic, rubber, or brass.

BTU: The British thermal unit (Btu or BTU) is a traditional unit of heat. The efficiency of ignition is denoted by the BTU of a propane torch. In the propane torches discussed below, the BTU ratings range from 20,000-500,000.

Weight: The propane torches are versatile and therefore, they are extensively used for a wide range of applications. You may need to frequently carry it to different places. Therefore, it must not be heavyweight. The propane torches discussed below have their weight in the range from 1-5 pounds.

Apart from the above factors, you should also consider the type of application, flame adjustability, ignition, portability, and durability. You can go through our Buying Guide for a detailed understanding of these factors.
Take a look below to know more about the best propane torches:
Best Propane Torch

propane torches
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Hot Max Propane Torch
4.8 pounds
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Bernzomatic Propane Torch
No BTU rating
2.24 pounds
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Bernzomatic Outdoor Torch
1 pound
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Red Dragon Propane Torch
Steel fabric
2.2 pounds
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Supershop® Propane Torch
Brass valve construction
No BTU rating
3 pounds
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Greenwood Propane Torch
3.44 pounds
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6 Best Propane Torch Reviews
1. Hot Max Propane Torch

The Hot Max 500G is recognized as the premier big propane torch on the...