Doom Eternal To Remove Denuvo Anti-Cheat After Backlash

Last week, Doom Eternal got its first post-release update, which along with a new progression system and some quality of life tweaks, introduced Denuvo Anti-Cheat . And that, well… didn’t go as id expected, at all .

A massive surge of negative reviews since then has crashed the game’s ‘Very Positive’ rating of 88% positive reviews down to 78%. A 10% drop doesn’t really seem too negative reception, right? Let me clear that for you.

Since the new update, Doom has received nearly 7 thousand new reviews, 87% of them being negative .

Why the hatred?

Denuvo Anti-Cheat is considered to be a shady Windows Service by many (or most) as it has full access to your PC at a kernal level, i.e., it hangs along with your OS in background, all the time. That obviously raises suspicion and concern, as a simple vulnerability can give core access to your system to anyone. Moreover, a lot of people have been experiencing performace issues since the addition of the kernal-level DRM.

In a post on the  Doom subreddit , executive producer at id Software Marty Stratton announced they’ll be getting rid of the DRM, while clearing out some rumors.

Courtesy of Niche Gamer
“As we examine any future of anti-cheat in DOOM Eternal, at a minimum we must consider giving campaign-only players the ability to play without anti-cheat software installed, as well as ensure the overall timing of any anti-cheat integration better aligns with player expectations around clear initiatives – like ranked or competitive play – where demand for anti-cheat is far greater.” 
said Stratton.

He clarified that Bethesda didn’t force them to implement the Anti Cheat. It was solely id’s own decision to deter the small minority that just wants to ruin the fun for everyone else.

So, the community voicing its resentment actually worked, and id will be removing the DRM in the next update, atleast for now.

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