The 7 Best Wood Fillers Of 2020 Reviews and Buying Guide

A wood filler is a highly helpful paste to fill up the voids in the spaces, cracks, holes or other sorts of vacant damage among wooden walls or actually, any wooden object. Almost all of us would find the need to repair a wooden object’s gap with a wood filler.
In this article, we are going to talk about some of the best wood filler available to buy. As there are great different types of wood fillers, various brands that promise and deliver questionable qualities, it is important to be careful. Before picking a wood filler, go through the following 3 key component checklist;

Type of the wood filler: Depending on the type of solvent needed and used, the type of wood filler changes. They are either Water-based or other solvent-based. Depending on the purpose of use, your choice changes. Wood fillers made out of cellulose, wood fibre or gypsum will not have an odour and they are minimal in nature. They are water-sensitive and mostly used for indoor projects. If you need a wood filler for outside, you will go for solvent-based fillers, who are usually based out of epoxy and vinyl composites. They are distinguished by their strong smells but they will stick strong against in the outdoors as well.

Ease of mixing and using: The next important thing to consider is how easy is the material to mix and use. While some of the wood filler putties are direct use (take out of the box to use), some require mixing. This means that some or other type of solvent are introduced for extra strength and better bonding. Both of these have their own merits. For small fractures or cracks in wood or for indoor projects, you want an instant putty wood filler but for larger cracks, mixing based putty will give you greater bond.

Colour: The third thing to take care of is the colour. See, most of the wood fillers are a wood-based brown or white in colour. There are clear and transparent wood fillers as well. The emphasis on the colour of the wood filler must be given if you are filling up something that is having a greater visual presence. For instance, a crack on a chair of certain colour would want to not be visible, then you would be using a specific colour as such. Or you can also go with a transparent or a paintable kind which allows the paint to stick on it.

Apart from these factors, there are a few others that you need to consider while choosing a wood filler. We have listed them all in the Buying Guide section of the article. Now let us jump in to review the Best Wood Fillers
7 Best Wood Fillers Of 2020

Wood Filler
Container Size Available
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Bondo Wood Filler
Solvent Based
1 Quart
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Minwax Wood Filler
Epoxy Solvent Based
12 Ounces
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Elmer's Wood Filler
Water Based
8 Ounces
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