Top 10 free Udemy courses that you must do

Have you started using your quarantine time, effectively and stopped wasting it on social media. Then Let’s make this quarantine productive by learning new things, technologies, and add some skills to the resume. 

Udemy offers a wide range in the courses on every topic with the certification. Some might be expensive for you while some are worth the price. But if you don’t want to spend a single penny on courses, you can have a look at top free courses offered by Udemy. For your ease, here is the list of some good courses you must do this year, to level up your skills that will benefit your career. 

1. Python for Data Science

Data science is becoming the foremost choice of companies, and the python is the best programming language for its implementation. A large number of developers are moving towards Data Science because it ensures a great career today. If you want to become a data scientist, and don’t know where to start, enroll in this course

See, the graph above, the job postings for Data Scientists are highest, increasing daily on popular websites. It is booming, and not going to stop.

Why to choose this course?

Add new skills to your resume
Promotion in job
Increase in pay
Open many career doors for you

2. Data Structures and Algorithms

Problem-solving skills are what the company looks for in the client. If you are good at data structures you will be welcomed happily in the product based companies like Amazon. For mastering coding skills, and excelling higher in coding, the data structure is the first important thing you should master in. You should know the different algorithms to solve the real-world problems optimally and effectively. For improving yourself at coding, start this course today

Why to choose this course?

Improves problem-solving skills
Increase job chances in big fat companies 
Teaches problem-solving techniques 

3. JavaScript essentials for absolute beginners 

This course is for beginners in javascript. The javascript is important for web developers if you know javascript you are master of web development and can create exceptional websites with the help of javascript. JavaScript is the client-based language, which extends functionality to web pages. It is an independent-platform, and one of the skill companies are looking for in web developer. Start learning,

Why choose this course?

Make high-quality dynamic pages
Promotion in career
High in the demand as a web developer

4. Complete Machine Learning Course

Great, Udemy is providing free...