Pixel Buds In-Stock at These Retailers, But Hurry

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From day 1 of availability, the new Google Pixel Buds have been tough to find after selling out almost immediately . We have tried to monitor levels of stock at various retailers, but most have struggled to maintain quick shipping times. Thankfully, at the moment, there are a couple that will get you these excellent new Buds within a couple of days.
I’d imagine that manufacturing of the Buds has been tough during this global pandemic, thus the reason for only the Clearly White model launching with other colors “months” away. So when a retailer gets a shipment, it’s no surprise that they sellout right away and we then wait weeks for a re-stock.

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For Memorial Day weekend, we are seeing Walmart and ABT both with immediate availability. Each also offers free shipping, with Walmart showing 2-day free , while ABT’s free will take another couple of days.
Do we recommend spending $179 on these pair of true wireless buds from Google? That’s certainly a high price for any earbuds, but after using them for a few weeks, I’m still sticking with them. I love the new Pixel Buds.
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