Coronavirus outbreak: lessons to be learned and the way ahead

The coronavirus outbreak has brought the world to its knees. Moreover, the deadly virus is taking over the world and we are still hoping for a cure. Indeed, no matter how much we want this to be just a bad nightmare and nothing more, we just cannot escape reality.

The world is changing due to the most deadly pandemic in recent times. Furthermore, it will never be the same as we once knew.

In this blog, we’ll seek to discover what we can actually learn from this crisis, and how that will help us in our endeavors once everything gets back to normal.

The severe global health crisis showed us no matter how strong the countries can be, we are not even well equipped to face a threat measuring just 120 nm in diameter. To put this into perspective, even a human hair is approximately 80,000- 100,000 nanometers(nm) wide.

Now we know, all this bragging about power is worthless. All the false sense of superiority shown by some countries in the world hold almost little to no value

the coronavirus outbreak has opened our eyes

We say humans are the smartest creatures living on the planet. However, all this time we were just busy making weapons of mass destruction. Whereas, we could have instead invested our resources in vital medical research. In that case, maybe then, we would not have experienced such traumatic times.

Besides, the global coronavirus outbreak also opened our eyes to a lot of other crucial topics. We’re not going to state the obvious. In fact, by now, you already know what needs to be done. You probably have already heard how to keep you and your family safe during this phase.

In addition to that, we can only hope that everyone’s trying their best from their own positions to tackle the common enemy.

With this in mind, in this blog, we will try to rethink our very purpose of existence in the face of this pandemic. Let’s not be too pessimistic and spread unnecessary panic. Instead, let us try to unearth the small little details that we can actually learn from this crisis.

Some key takeaways from the coronavirus outbreak

Science matters

It has always mattered. Only we didn’t value it as much as it deserved. Through the ages of fallacy and disregard, we kept ignoring the importance of scientific research. Somehow, it got lost amidst the ever-growing defense budgets and the delusion of ‘modern development’.

Humans are unpredictable

Without a doubt, humans are to be blamed for not doing enough to stop the spread of the virus. The first reports of the coronavirus outbreak started circulating months ago but the governments around the world preferred to just ignore the threat.

Apart from the governments and businesses, the general public also lost the initiative to address the crisis with adequate safety measures for themselves and the society they live in. Even when...