What is the best portable air conditioning unit in the UK? Portable Air Conditioner Buying Guide 2020

Weather-wise we have had an amazing Spring, shame about everything else. Hopefully, as the lockdown eases the weather will continue to be amazing through summer which will may make the current situation marginally easier.

However, with warm weather comes warm nights and uncomfortable sleeping, and there is nothing worse than a bad nights sleep. For me it has a significant impact on my mental health, not what I need right now.

Personally I use a fan to help with sleep, if you buy one with a large number of speed settings you can normally get it running silently and helps keep you just cool enough to sleep. I use an Ansio 26-speed fan and it has been working well for me this year.

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However, one day I may invest in an air conditioner, but they are a minefield of choices. There are a few issues with portable air conditioning units, there are different types of air-con, the more effective type is very expensive, and reviews of all the units tends to be mixed, they are also expensive to run.

The different types of portable air conditioner – evaporative, single hose,
dual hose

If you go on Amazon, you will see a significant disparity between the prices some cost as low as £25 while many others cost £300+. The cheaper ones use evaporative cooling, so the fan blows warm air over a  water-soaked filter which increases humidity, produces condensation and only slightly reduces the heat. Increased humidity is often associated with poor sleep as it reduces your bodies ability to evaporate sweat.

The expensive models are more effective but this is a minefield.
Nearly all UK air conditioners are single host units which require you to feed
the hose outside.

The single hose air conditioner pulls warm air from the
room, sends it past coils cooled by refrigerant, and then sends heated air and
moisture through the hose and out of the house.

This creates a negative air pressure situation as air is
pushed out of the room. The result is that any cracks around doors and windows
will allow hot outside air to leak into the room

The other type of portable air conditioning unit is the dual
hose unit. This model has an intake and an outtake hose. Through the intake, the
air is drawn into the unit where it is cooled and then sent back into the living
area. The machine heats up through the process and an intake hose pulls air
from outside the home to cool the air conditioner down.

A second hose sends all of the warmed air outside of the home. With this efficient exchange of air, the dual hose system doesn’t have to work nearly as hard as the single hose option.

A decent quality hosed air...

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