Get Programming with the CircuitPython PewPew M4 Kit!

Call me a nerd, but I absolutely love games. From board games to video games I’m always up for zombie action, a good story, or a cutthroat friendly competition with my other half. What better way to utilize your love for games than programming your own!
The PewPew M4 Kit is a handheld gaming console that you can program yourself with CircuitPython. It can also be programmed with MakeCode Arcade or Arduino. Programming the PewPew M4 is made simple with easily distinguishable files, game code in the Python files, sound in the WAV files, and graphics in the GIF files.
This device doesn’t require internet access, installations of runtime environments, or set up of IDEs making it very user-friendly and a great kit for beginners. All you need to do is connect it to a computer. It can even be programmed by connecting it to a tablet or phone!
Each CircuitPython PewPew M4 Kit includes:

4 Acrylic Buttons
1 Acrylic Case
Adhesive Tape
PewPew M4 PCB
4 Screws

The PewPew M4 PCB comes fully assembled with all the components included. This product is a great way to have fun while learning CircutPython.  So, go ahead and get programming and game on!
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