How to cancel your Sling TV subscription

Sling TV has a great selection of content available for free , but you must pay to “get the whole enchilada”, as the company says. But while it’s one of the best live streaming TV services, it can get very pricey. The lowest plans go for $30 a month, and even with discounts the price doesn’t go below $20. If you are not convinced by the service and would prefer to cut it from your expenses, we can show you how to cancel Sling TV.
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Consider pausing Sling TV subscription first
Maybe you don’t really want to cancel your Sling TV subscription all the way. If you know you won’t need Sling TV for some time, but are thinking of re-activating your account later on, there is an option to pause your Sling TV subscription for 1-3 months.
The benefit to pausing your Sling TV subscription is that it will reactivate automatically. And if you only pause it for one month all your DVR recordings will continue to be there when the service is back in motion.
How to pause Sling TV subscription: 

Sign into your Sling TV account .
Under Your Subscription , click on  Pause Subscription .
Select how long you want to pause the subscription (one, two, or three months).
Hit Next and follow on-screen instructions.

Your subscription will stay active for the duration of your current billing cycle, so make sure to plan accordingly.
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How to Cancel Sling TV subscription
If you are ready to kill your Sling TV commitment for good, follow these instructions.

Sign into your Sling TV account .
Under Your Subscription , click on  Cancel Subscription .
Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Again, your current subscription or prepaid period will remain active until the next billing date.