The 5GBioShield. How to make money easily.

You’ll have probably seen this one in the news recently. Today we’ve decided to dig deeper and find out how much money was being made from this.
Recommended in a report prepared for Glastonbury Town Council, and mentioned heavily in the 5G conspiracy forums / Facebook groups, 5GBioShield is said to protect you from the “impact” of 5G. You can buy one bioshield for £283 or a pack of three for £799.
Sure, that seems a bit much, but it’s a shield which (and I quote) prevents the “devastating effects caused by non-natural magneto-electric waves” including 5G. The product name makes you think of a personal forcefield and the images on their website add to this idea.

The manufacturers are certainly good at throwing complex and scientific-sounding words at you. It’s almost like watching a shampoo advert…
A breakthrough quantum holographic nano-layer catalyzer technology
Wowser. These guys should be working for NASA. What the hell are they doing selling these holographic shields to normal folk for only £283 !?
They’ve only recently made their “quantum nano-layer technology” though, as their company was registered in January of this year. Polish national Ms Anna Grochowalska and Italian Mr Valerio Laghezza are the people who have stumbled on this “unique” solution to “electric oscillations” and, with their 5GBioShield, you can remove the “fog induced by all (electronic) devices”.
The list of benefits seems almost endless. It can “balance electric fields, geo-biological disturbances” and restore “harmonisation” to “all biological organisms, such as animal, plant and/or human”.
Using the shield will help to prevent you coming into contact with the “highly toxic and ultimately lethal” electric fields.

Trouble is, of course, the “shield” isn’t a shield. It’s a cheap USB stick and nothing more. Requiring power from one of those nasty “electronic chargers”, it’ll apparently balance all electric and “geo-biological” fields within 40m metres.

Wait though, because the “inventors” have gone one step further. In their product description , which is laden with grammatical errors and barely makes sense, they state that…
When not plugged in, the provides an active field-effect of permanent protective ‘plasmic shield’ within the sphere of minimum 8 meters in diameter.
Woaha! Forget NASA! These guys should be billionaires overnight! They’ve managed to create a USB stick / BioShield which operates without power or batteries . Not only that, but instead of blocking your WiFi and phone, it converts those frequencies into “life-affirming” frequencies. Wowsers! Why don’t they just plug these things directly into mobile phone masts? We could all be bathed in life-affirming goodness!
So, I could go into further details about the complete nonsense listed in the product description or the rest of their site (the USB stick creates an “array of...