George Floyd’s Legacy Could Be Taking Trump Down

The George Floyd story will come to hurt Trump far more than it has so far, after we’ve gotten over the raw shock and revulsion and had time to piece together what all this means to our country’s well-being.  That’s because, where Trump has succeeded thus far by dividing America, the anger that nearly every American is feeling right now is having precisely the opposite effect.
Almost everyone in the United States has seen the video of a handcuffed and helpless black man murdered in cold blood by a team of policemen, led by a 200-pound white man who ground his knee into his victim’s neck, as Floyd begged him to let him breathe.  As America looked on in horror, George Floyd lost his life to a team of criminal sadists with badges.
Yes, Americans are upset by this–deeply upset.  Whether we’re out protesting, or inside blogging, or simply watching our televisions or Facebook timelines in disgust, we’re angry that our nation has turned into a battle zone where racial enmity seems to have hit a tipping point.
OK, so how is this going to play out with our sentiment towards Trump?  Well, whether you’re among the 40% who support him or among the 50+% who want to see him die in prison, you recognize that his political strategy, from the very onset of his candidacy, has been to divide Americans, especially exploiting racial distrust and hated.
Now we see the fruit of all this, and we’re infuriated at what he’s done to our country.