New images claim that Apple is moving the SIM tray on the iPhone 12

Move SIM, get out the way.

What you need to know

New images show Apple may be moving the SIM tray on the iPhone.
A report claims Apple will move the tray to the left side of the phone.
The change is to make room for the 5G AiP.

New images posted on the Macotakara blog today show that Apple could potentially be moving the home of the SIM tray for the upcoming iPhone 12.

According to the post, the SIM tray will be moved from the side with the Side button to the side with the Volume and Mute buttons. The move is to make room for the 5G Antenna in Package that is expected to be featured in the new iPhone.

"The Alibaba Sources says the on the iPhone 2020 series, they say the SIM tray which was originally located at the side face of the side button side will be moved to the volume control button. On the previous location of the SIM tray, there might be possibility to be built in the 5G AiP such as "QTM052" which is capable of dealing with 5G NR millimetre wave antenna module by Qualcomm to be placed on the side of chassis."

The first image shows off the SIM tray under the volume rocker buttons that currently exist on the left side of the iPhone, where the mute switch is also located.

The second image shows off a new "AiP module" on the right side of the iPhone 12, underneath the Side button and where the SIM tray is currently located on the iPhone 11 and previous models.

The change could be happening to make enough room for the new iPhone to support 5G mmWave technology, a possibility that 9to5Mac points out due to a memo from Apple supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

"The mmWave iPhone will be pushed back because the design of the antenna in package (AiP) changes in early April. Additionally, the test lab is closed and can't offer qualification process services. If the pandemic can't be controlled well until July, then we think that the shipment allocation of mmWave iPhones will decrease to 5–10% from 15–20%."

Currently, these images are based off of sources through Alibaba, so they should be taken with a grain of salt.