Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera (Presence) gets upgraded with Siren – Pre-order now for £319.99

I reviewed the Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera (formerly Netatmo Presence) just over a year ago, and it has been one of the best surveillance cameras I have reviewed, and I still use it today.

Netatmo was one of, if not the first companies to offer AI object detection with their camera, the indoor one is smart enough to recognise peoples faces, while the outdoor one will recognise people in general, animals, cars and normal motion. This allows the camera to send far more accurate alerts to you while still recording general motion.

It was also one of the first floodlight cameras available with Ring, Ezviz , Arlo and Eufy all launching their products at a later date.

Today Netatmo has updated the camera with a new model with a built-in siren. The camera alerts the user in real-time if a break-in occurs and deters burglars. Just like the existing camera, it distinguishes between a person, an animal, a vehicle or a harmless movement and immediately warns the user if a suspicious activity is detected. The user can act straight away and remotely trigger the 105-dB alarm to scare away the intruders.

This follows on from last years launches from Netatmo expanding their product range from surveillance only to a more complete home security system. The user can now choose between the Smart Outdoor Camera with Siren and the Smart Outdoor Camera without Siren.

There has been a  growing market for smart security systems in the past year or so, Ring launched their smart alarm in the UK, Yale has their own Sync Smart Home Alarm , and Somfy have a growing range of smart security products. Monitored systems are also getting smarter and cheaper to implement, Simplisafe launched in the UK last year, and the Ajax system offers far more smart features than your traditional monitored system.

The Netatmo system is a little different than the others, you could argue it is smarter. There is no control pad to arm the system, instead, the Smart Indoor Camera (Welcome) will disarm the siren when it recognises a user entering the house.

Unlike some of the other systems, there is no subscription fees with Netatmo nor a reliance on cloud storage. Everything is done locally, something that has become increasingly important with the various privacy concerns that have occurred with some big name brands.

Price and Availability

The Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera retails for £319.99. The product will be available online on June 9th, 2020 and can be preordered starting from today. The Camera will be available on and on Amazon.

The Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera without Siren is also available through these outlets for £269.99 £239 (currently).

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