Sega announces the Game Gear Micro

Unfortunately, this isn’t the Dreamcast 2. It also isn’t a successor to the Sega Saturn.
To celebrate the company’s 60th anniversary, Sega has revealed a miniature re-release of its 90s handheld consol e, the Game Gear . Several questions about the console remain unknown, including if it’s coming to North America and what games will be included in the handheld. The Game Gear Micro’s promotional pictures feature Sonic, which makes sense given the blue hedgehog remains Sega’s most recognizable mascot.
Regarding cost, the price comes to ¥4,980 (roughly $62 CAD). Colours include ‘Black,’ ‘Blue,’ ‘Yellow’ and ‘Red.’
The original 8-bit Game Gear was released back in 1991. While the console featured a backlit display and better visuals than Nintendo’s competing Game Boy, the handheld featured poor battery life and was relatively bulky and heavy. Notable Game Gear games include Sonic Chaos , Columns , Sonic The Hedgehog , Sonic Triple Trouble , Tails Adventure , Defenders of the Oasis and more.
The Game Gear eventually failed to beat the Game Boy and was ultimately discontinued in 1997.
Notable Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu recently teased that a significant announcement was coming from Sega this week, with some rumours pointing towards Microsoft utilizing Sega’s brand recognition in Japan to release the Xbox Series X in the region .
Via: Kotaku 

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