Recover Any Kind of Lost Data With EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Data disasters can be tricky. It can be triggered by a lot of random things. Sometimes we are not even able to find the actual reason behind data loss. This is why we always recommend our visitors to keep regular backups of their important data so that even if you suffer a data loss you can still easily recover the data from the backup.
However, if you didn’t have a backup of your data and now it’s too late for it then too you can get the data back using an efficient data recovery tool. An efficient software like EaseUS data recovery wizard can help you recover the data from your computer, external hard disk, or even from an SD card. Yes, the data in your SD card is recoverable.

EaseUS is also great because this powerful tool lets you recover up to 2GB of data for free and after that, you can pay a very small amount for recovering more of your precious data. The software is available for both Windows and Mac.
How to Recover lost data using EaseUS data recovery wizard
Well, this part is easy. Unlike other data recovery software in the market that are too complex to understand and use, EaseUS offers a very simple and elegant interface. You can recover the lost files, pictures, videos, etc. with a 100% data recovery rate.
For illustration, let’s see how EaseUS can help you recover lost data from SD card. The process is almost the same for all other data recovery scenarios.

So, first of all, you need to go to the official website of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard .
Then download the software from there. It is available for Windows as well as for Mac. So, you can download it as per your system.

Now you need to connect your SD card to your computer and run the EaseUs Data Recovery software. The software will automatically detect your SD card and display it to you.
You have to select the SD card option and then hit the scan button in order to initiate the scanning process.
EaseUs Data Recovery will find all the deleted files first which were lost from your SD card. After that, it will again scan and provide you the list of all the recoverable files.

Here you can sort and filter the files on the basis of type, date, etc. Once the list of all the recoverable files is there you can then preview them if you need to select the specific files to recover.
Then finally select all those files which you want to recover and then hit the recover button.

You can change the destination folder where you need to store the recovered data. It would be wise if you store the recovered files in a different hard drive in order to prevent any data overwriting.

Why Choose EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
There are many data recovery software on the Internet then what makes EaseUS different from the rest? And why should we choose it?
EaseUS data recovery software is not only capable of recovering your data but it is also one of...