Poco m2 pro spotted on Xiaomi India RF Exposure Page

Poco m2 pro  spotted on Xiaomi India  RF Exposure Page  Poco m2 is a new device and nobody had never heard about this new device by Poco Xiaomi. While everyone is waiting for a new device Redmi K30 Pro Xiaomi to launch in the Indian market. Thee brand seems to have a few more smartphones for its Indian customers. Today, we have spotted an all-new smartphone on Xiaomi’s official website on the exposer page. That we haven’t ever heard of before, the POCO M2 Pro. Yes, you have read it right. It is not POCO F2 and not POCO F2 Pro. It is a new device named POCO M2 Pro. POCO M2 Pro is listed on Xiaomi’s official website for the Indian market

Poco m2 pro 

Poco m2 pro on rf exposure page 

The POCO M2 Pro has been seen on the RF exposure page of the official website for India. According to this listing of the POCO M2 Pro. The model number of the device will be M2001J2I. It also reveals the phone has 1.6 W/kg (over 1 g) SAR limit but I guess that is of no interest to anyone.

What is POCO M2 Pro? Is it the rebranded name POCO F2 or the POCO F2 Pro? No, it is not that. Because the model number of the POCO F2 Pro is M2004J11G, which is completely different from the M2001J2I model number of the POCO M2 Pro.

Whatever is the case, the POCO M2 Pro is now been confirmed for4 Indian market.  And it might launch anytime now in India as the device has been listed on the brand’s official website. While we wish the page revealed more info about the new device.