How Modern Systems Won the 2020 SAMMY Award for Best Overall Marketing Program (Small to Midsize Company)

In 2019, Modern Systems marked a momentous milestone — four decades in service to businesses and residential communities in Kentucky and surrounding states. Hitting the 40-year mark is no easy task for any company, as Marketing Director Crystal Cox notes, so the company chose to celebrate this special anniversary across all promotional efforts in 2019.
The 40th anniversary marketing started with developing a logo specifically to celebrate this unique occasion. Once the new logo was decided upon, it became a central theme for an array of items throughout the year.

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Among them: magnetic badges; a home show booth backdrop; tabletop pop-up display; print collateral including folders, rack cards, brochures, flyers and print ads; new office stationary and quote cover sheets; business cards; social media profile/cover images; videos; and newsletters.
“The central theme of a 40th anniversary reinforces the reliability and trust associated with the Modern Systems name. We chose to keep the logo within our existing color scheme to reinforce with brand recognition, but also added a hint of gold to showcase the achievement and quality of our company,” Cox says.
Incorporating the anniversary theme proved to be simple and cost effective, since the company was able to easily add the new logo to marketing channels they were already utilizing. While the value of the 40th anniversary marketing may not be immediately measurable in ROI, Cox says it will have a positive ripple effect for the business going forward.
Technology Portfolio Drives Promotion
Cox brings more than 16 years of graphic design experience and more than eight years of marketing experience to Modern Systems. Her skillsets have allowed the company to create all of its materials in-house, and then use local and national companies for producing those materials.
The savings provides the company some additional budgeting for the distribution of the pieces, since they do not have to pay a design firm.
For security companies working on a limited marketing budget, Cox suggests finding your customers where they are as the most effective way to reach them. Social media is a valuable tool and she suggests exploring the deep pool of online learning opportunities to help companies better understand how to use them effectively. “
We have more than 7,300 followers on Facebook, so we’ve found that is our best marketing channel when we want something to be seen quickly,” Cox says.

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Community involvement is another important aspect, she adds, especially if you have a strong Chamber of Commerce or other business networking organization.
Long Sales Cycles
Modern Systems, based in Lexington, prides itself staying on the leading edge of...

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