Sharecare Acquires Evidence-Based Behavior Change Apps MindSciences

What You Should Know:

– Sharecare announced the acquisition of Boston-based MindSciences, an evidence-based behavior change suite of apps focused on mental health (anxiety, stress management), smoking cessation, and weight loss/binge eating, and more.

– The acquisition rounds out Sharecare’s portfolio of mHealth-based therapeutic programs improving chronic disease risk and overall health outcomes by targeting varying aspects of well-being.

– Based on the work of Dr. Judson Brewer, now at Brown University, MindSciences app-based programs address habit change through industry-leading evidence-based mindfulness techniques.

Sharecare , the digital health
company that helps people manage all their health in one place, today announced
that it has acquired
MindSciences , the leader in
evidence-based behavior change apps. Founded by renowned neuroscientist
and behavior change expert,  Dr.
Jud Brewer , MindSciences provides best-in-class digital therapeutics that
help people reverse unhealthy habits involving food, tobacco, stress and
anxiety – which contribute to the most costly and widespread health issues in
the United States. This acquisition builds on Sharecare’s  existing partnership  with MindSciences, through which
its tobacco cessation program was made available to the digital health
company’s payer, provider, government and employer group customers.  

MindSciences Background

Based on more than a decade of peer-reviewed scientific
research yielding more than 70 publications, MindSciences’ programs help people
understand how their brain works and how habits are formed through reward-based
learning. Through a series of clinically validated, interactive daily modules
with mindfulness lessons and exercises, MindSciences leverages that same system
used to form bad habits – including smoking, overeating and anxiety – to unwind
them for good. With over $15 million in funding for its research from
organizations including the American Heart Association, National Institutes of
Health, National Cancer Institute and National Institute on Drug Abuse, to name
a few, studies on the effectiveness of MindSciences’ programs have been
conducted with more than 3,000 clinical trial participants and tens of
thousands of real-world users. 

Director of research and innovation at
the Mindfulness Center at Brown University and associate professor of
psychiatry at The Warren Alpert Medical School, Dr. Brewer (M.D., Ph.D.) has
dedicated his career to researching how the human brain forms negative behavior
patterns, habits and addictions, and the specific techniques needed to create
lasting change. In addition to training U.S. Olympic athletes and coaches,
foreign government ministers and corporate leaders, Dr....

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