Psst- Buddy… Want a Good Deal on an AirCheck G2?

Sometimes you get lucky and a good deal comes your way. Pretty much  everyone  in the business of professional Wi-Fi is at least familiar with the AirCheck G2 from NetAlly, but here’s a quick visual if you need a reminder.

Yeah… we’re talking about THAT AirCheck G2. It is one of the Cadillac tools for WLAN support available right now, and I get endless value out of mine. If you are in the market, have I got an opportunity for you.
A great fellow named Mohammad Ali, or simply Ali to many of us, has an AirCheck G2 to move along. Ali is CWNE #375, and he blogs often at . Ali is active in the wireless community, and can be found on Twitter at @malief46 
So… why does Ali have a new AirCheck G2 to sell at a decent price? I happened to watch it all unfold, and it was glorious. Back in February, at the best wireless conference in the world , I heard the golden voice of Keith Parson announce
“…and the winner of the AirCheck G2 is… ALI!”
I wasn’t the only one green with envy… green like the AirCheck G2 itself. What an awesome prize to win. Anyhow, Ali needs to move it along out of personal necessity, and it is basically new. He has checked into it with NetAlly, and AllyCare can be added to this unit the same as if you bought it on the market, so no problem getting access to software updates.
Ali is asking $1,500. contact him with a DM on Twitter, or email at mali27 on gmail. Or- contact me directly and I can share Ali’s phone number.
Awesome guy, awesome, tool, awesome deal.