Top 10 Solar Powered Gadgets For Home to Become Energy Efficient

As the world moves towards more eco-friendly sources of energy, solar power has become a very viable option. Decades of overusing fossil fuels have led to the depletion of many non-renewable resources. Due to this, the shift to renewable resources of energy has been of the utmost importance. However,  out of all the renewable resources, solar power has caught the attention of most people. Even though it is relatively more expensive than the usual hydroelectric means that are available in households and industries, it leads to a cleaner, more sustainable source of energy. 
There are multiple reasons as to why solar power is the best resource for the future. Firstly, it is abundantly available. Secondly, the solar power panels usually have quite a long shelf life. They can last for years at a stretch, if they are made of average quality material. There will come a time in our lives when most of our regular day appliances such as refrigerator and television sets will be running on solar power. Since these are comparatively expensive now, you can invest in smaller gadgets which could help you get used to the idea of solar power.
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1. Powerbank
Powerbanks have been in the market for quite a few years now. Although most of them worked on chemical reactions inside the batteries, they did not last for too long. Now, powerbanks working on solar power have come into the market. One of the biggest advantages of these powerbanks is that you don’t have to charge them. They are charged automatically through solar power ! Now you can go wherever and don’t have to worry about whether your powerbank has enough charge in order to backup your phone’s battery!
It is also a great and innovative gift idea .

2. Garden lamp
There are many people who own sizeable courtyards and lawns. They often keep a check on these lawns and gardens by keeping them lit during the night. However, these lights can add quite a bit to your electricity bill. Why not invest in a garden lamp which works through solar power ? They are made of tough material, so as to withstand the weathering effects. This means that not only will you be saving a lot on your electricity bill, you’d also be contributing to a cleaner earth!
3. Lantern
Power cuts and outages can be quite frequent if you live in a place with bad weather. What if you want to study, read or work and there’s no electricity? A solar power lantern, charged throughout the day by keeping it outside, can give you hours and hours of light. Now you can finish that all important work, or read your favorite book!

4. Wireless keyboard
We all love the comfort and ease that wireless appliances add to our lives. No hassles of untangling wires or having a very limited range to work with. Nonetheless, wireless keyboards do have batteries which often need...