Scalefusion + JIRA for Troubleshooting Remote Working and Frontline Devices

Troubleshooting Remote Working and Frontline Devices

Organizations across the globe have rapidly been adopting mobility in its operations be it frontline or otherwise. With the new push for remote working, the organizations that were on the fence about embracing mobility have to do it one way or the other. The organizations that want to thrive have to include mobility in the profile.

What this means for organizations that are starting out or have mobile technology used but within the secure networks of conventional offices, conventional methodologies for employee enablement and support are not going to work.

Image Source Remote working: The road long ahead

The remote working phenomenon is not interim. Although arising from crisis management, remote working is now going to be an essential part of any modern organization’s culture. Scalefusion MDM empowers organizations to facilitate remote working where the employees have access to everything they need to be productive while ensuring that the IT teams are not burdened with an overload of provisioning and configuration while they themselves are working remotely.

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Device Troubleshooting: A real challenge during remote work

Device troubleshooting is one of the biggest challenges for IT teams when working remotely. When the employees work outside of known network perimeters, often with slow internet connectivity, there are several instances when employees need troubleshooting for the devices. In order to ensure employee productivity and business continuity, providing rapid resolution is critical. When the employees in question are frontline, the troubleshooting is more critical since they may or may not have access to personal devices that can double up for work purposes in emergencies.

Here’s why the traditional troubleshooting process doesn’t work while remote working:

Unlike in a conventional office setup, the IT support cannot physically administer the device issue quickly
The troubleshooting is heavily dependent on the employees explaining the device issues on the support call
When the device is called in for servicing at a physical service center, it has a slow turnaround time
The time during which the device is under the troubleshooting cycle, the employee productivity is lost, unless quickly replaced by a device
The costs involved in fetching the devices to a physical service center is high
Provisioning a replacement device and shipping it to the employee adds to the inventory costs

Clearly, this is not the most feasible or economical solution to handle the troubleshooting queries that pour in on a day-to-day basis.

But there’s a better way. 

Scalefusion Remote Cast

Scalefusion offers extensive remote troubleshooting...

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