Pilot Application of Bus Face Temperature Measuring Equipment

On February 18, some bus lines in Guangzhou took the lead in the pilot installation of face recognition thermometers in the country. It is understood that the bus face recognition thermometer can scan and detect the temperature in as fast as 1 second. If there are many passengers in the car, the face recognition thermometer can also quickly complete the temperature measurement, which is highly practical. It is worth mentioning that the face recognition thermometer is installed at the position of the bus door, which can measure the passenger’s body temperature, record the riding information, and give a voice prompt to the health condition without driver intervention.
Prior to this, in order to further improve the level of epidemic prevention and control with the help of high technology, and to ensure the speed and accuracy of the temperature monitoring of passengers entering the station at the peak of the return to work, with the strong support and coordination of the provincial and municipal governments, each subway has introduced 4 sets of intelligence Sound and light camera for human body temperature measurement .
In addition to a variety of temperature measurement equipment , the emergence of intelligent body temperature monitoring and measurement systems has also made body temperature monitoring more comprehensive and scientific. It is reported that the intelligent body temperature epidemic monitoring and measurement system is a set of detection systems for non-contact real-time video detection and early warning of fever symptoms of infectious diseases. During the operation, relevant information is collected through the temperature-sensing camera system combined with face recognition and thermal imaging body temperature detection functions. The identity information matches the body temperature to form a data report, which automatically activates the early warning mechanism and transmits it to the disease control management department in real time to prevent illness. The control department carries out related work.
Some analysts pointed out that the application of the intelligent temperature monitoring and measurement early warning system has reduced the risk of infection of the monitoring personnel, and has solved the disadvantages of traditional labor temperature detection, such as high labor cost, low measurement efficiency, slow early warning response, and difficult global control. Very high. So far, Beijing, Tianjin and other cities have been equipped with such equipment.