A Reliable Sustainable Response to COVID-19

The world’s current lockdown due to COVID-19 is, simply, good for the environment . The world’s air pollution levels have fallen as fewer people around the world are flying or driving, significantly reducing the use of fossil fuels.

A Sustainable Response to COVID-19. photo by  ready made . The photos of animals appearing all over our deserted national parks, taking over empty cities , or congregating in unlikely places including highways or the middle of the street highlight the impact humans have on the earth. While our world’s current state is temporary, will there be long-term environmental responses once COVID-19 is over? 

Businesses and individuals should take charge instead of waiting for sweeping and meaningful government action. Here are some ways the public can continue the current positive environmental momentum for a more sustainable post-pandemic world.

Companies Should Encourage Working From Home

One of the most significant reasons behind why air pollution is dramatically down is due to the stay at home mandate. Although the mandate was intended to keep people from going out and contracting or spreading the virus, the smaller number of people driving to and from work, running on errands, or going on recreational trips is good for the environment.

In a recent report by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the agency claims more than 10 million Americans have a daily commute longer than two hours. Companies should take steps to encourage a portion of their employees to telecommute or work from home. The move will not only save their employees time and the expense from driving to and from work, but it will also minimize their carbon emissions contribution.

A Sustainable Response to COVID-19: Working From Home. Photo by  Andrea Piacquadio .

The key to a productive and efficient remote work setup is high-speed internet. The faster and more reliable the internet connection, the clearer video conference streaming will appear without suffering from lag time or interruptions. Data transfers between the company’s server and the remote worker’s home base will also be faster, cutting down on long wait times. Companies with employees who live in urban areas where high-speed fiber optic is available may fare better working from home. Fiber optic internet is not only faster, but it’s also a greener internet source because it uses less energy to run.

Businesses Should Consider Sustainable Energy Sources

A sustainable business is conscious of its effects on the environment and the community it serves. Sustainable businesses have evolved to include more sophisticated operational ideas including the triple bottom line . The concept involves how a business can promote more ecologically responsible practices to weigh corporate responsibility in quantitative (or money-saving) terms.

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