George Will: Vote Out Trump and All Enablers

It’s a lucky break that George Will graduated my from alma mater Trinity College exactly 15 years before I did; this means that our reunions coincide, and thus I occasionally get to listen to him speak. What a treat it is to sit in an audience, humbled by the amazing intelligence of the speaker.  It’s a shame that I disagree with 99% of everything he believes, but it’s still a heady experience. 
Yes, until the Trump administration, I would have said he and I had no common ground politically.  He’s extremely conservative, he thinks that concern for climate change is grossly overblown and politically motivated, that American aggression around the world is a good thing, etc.
Previously a lifelong Republican, Will famously resigned from the GOP in disgust for its support of the corrupt would-be dictator sociopath in the White House.  So there you go, George; I’m with you on that one.
As shown in the meme here, he’s calling for voters to remove Trump and all his lackeys in congress.  Let us make it so.

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