Control Your Car’s Information Networks: The OBD2 Breakout Board

Take control of your CAN bus by deciding how signals move between OBD connectors with the OBD2 Breakout Board . This breakout board is designed to simplify OBD2 device development. Users can install a jumper wire between rows to create connections, among many other tricks.
The OBD2 Breakout Board can be used to function in several different ways by how the user alters the signal routes through the system. Users can use this device to create a sniffer to watch traffic, or create an emulator by connecting 2 OBD2 Breakout Boards together for developmental purposes. Users can also create a man-in-the-middle by placing the OBD2 Breakout Board in between the host and another device.
Each product comes with a fully assembled OBD2 Breakout Board, documentation card, official sticker, and jumpers. The product features the following:

A 12V Input Power Source
CAN Termination Resistors
Junction Blocks
One Green LED
One Input OBD2 Connector
Power Jumpers
Two Output Connectors

The OBD2 Breakout Board might be the missing piece for your next project, so be sure to check it out!
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