Rhombus Systems, CA Ventures Partner to Bring Cloud-Based Video Surveillance to Housing Communities

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Rhombus Systems, a physical security platform provider, announces a strategic partnership with global real estate investment management company CA Ventures.
Through the partnership, Rhombus Systems will provide CA with a video security platform for multifamily and student housing communities.
The platform will be capable of supporting an unlimited number of cameras and locations from one console — fully accessible from any web browser or mobile device, according to the company.
“The real estate sector has been going through a massive technological shift, accelerated in many respects because of the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Mark Zikra, vice president of innovation at CA. “Aligning with best-in-class technology companies is an absolute must to stay relevant in today’s industry and provide a level of resiliency that’s not achievable with traditional systems. Rhombus’ AI software makes it possible to manage and improve internal operations while delivering a superior experience for our residents, which is our top priority.”

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Rhombus Systems provides a centralized video security solution to help CA scale its security across its properties. By being Cloud -based, Rhombus Systems says it can provide 24/7 remote access and is not limited by the number of cameras, locations, or users it can host on the platform.
Additionally, Rhombus Systems includes AI technology so that managers can receive alerts for specific events — such as trespassers, loiterers and vandals — and share video with local authorities, promoting the safety of residents and their guests, as well as neighbors in the surrounding community.
With its advanced security cameras and smart IoT sensors, Rhombus Systems says it is also exploring ways to help property developers like CA be more agile and resilient in the face of challenges like COVID-19 .
“Historically, trying to deploy a video security system is a major pain point for commercial real estate organizations with multiple locations,” says Garrett Larsson, CEO of Rhombus Systems. “Organizations are often forced to go with subpar systems without realizing there’s better options out there. That’s why we designed Rhombus to be as simple and straightforward as possible to ensure video security is seen as a powerful operational tool rather than just a video recording device. This partnership with CA will show other commercial property owners how vital video security is in promoting an upscale and comfortable environment for tenants.”

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Additionally, CA Ventures will take advantage of Rhombus’ ability to integrate with other enterprise systems, including Cloud access control and modern intercom systems.
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