15 Things That Make Your Security Cameras Smart

Ever wonder how you recognize the objects you see? How do you look at a cat and recognize what it is?

Through an amazing conversation between the eyes and the mind that we won’t even attempt to tackle, visual info received by the eyes is sent to the brain. Take bits of pieces of prior experience and info stored from the past, then add a little context for color, and boom — you understand that the mewing furball crossing the street is just the neighbor’s tomcat. Amazing, right?

It’s not so different from how intelligent video cameras work. When video cameras are smart, it’s like a camera’s “eye” and “brain” is going through that process for you. It learns differently, for sure, and its insides certainly don’t look like yours. But it can still analyze and interpret what it sees.

Smart security cameras can help you control access to your home, receive important updates, zero in on the moments that matter, and then share those moments at the push of a button. In addition to indoor and outdoor camera options, smart panels like the Guardian IQ2 actually have built-in cameras that open up even more possibilities.

Curious about what that means for you in your everyday life? To give you an idea of the benefits, we’ve rounded up 15 things made possible when your security cameras are smart.

1. Receive text alerts or emails.

Get a video clip sent to your smartphone every time someone walks up to your front door.

3. 24/7 streaming video.

Capture nonstop video footage and never miss a thing with a Streaming Video Recorder.

2. Object detection.

Identify whether something that triggered an alert is a person, an animal, or a vehicle. Watch this video or read this post to learn about Video Analytics.

4. Tie specific events to different objects.

You can make different things happen depending on what the camera sees. For example, you may want a text alert every time your camera sees a car, but not every time it sees an animal.

5. Tie triggers to different times of day.

You can choose whether a rule you create will be active all the time or just during certain times of day. For instance, you may be more interested in receiving alerts during the day when no one is home.

6. Create a virtual tripwire.

“Draw” a virtual line across your driveway so you receive a notification every time a car pulls in.

7. Facial recognition.

The IQ2 security panel has built-in cameras that can memorize your face and associate it with your unique user code.

8. Learn to ignore routine movement.

Choose to not get alerts about things that happen every day, like a postal worker dropping off your mail.

9. Keep an eye on your pets.

Know if your cat is scratching your new sofa, or if your pup wanders out of the yard.