How to Be the Best Remote Worker in California

Remote work was always on the rise, and simply based on the last decade’s improvements in digital technologies we’ve found that nearly everything that can be done in an office can now be done remotely with the right equipment, and companies have enjoyed the advantages of a global labor pool and a lower need for office space.
And now we have the Coronavirus crisis looming over us for at least some months to come, and as many companies have been effectively forced to offer remote work if they haven’t already. Many people, perhaps including yourself, are now working from home for the first time in your life. What should you do and how should you succeed? 

However, you shouldn’t worry too much, as you can absolutely make the most of this change and quickly adapt to your new environment. Here are a few key ways to do so:
Get the Best Internet in California
The internet, and having reliable internet, is the core foundation of all remote work in California and out of it. An unstable connection will lead to dropped calls and confusion, and a slow connection can seep into productivity, especially if you ever work with larger files. 
We recommend, before anything else, that you consider what options for service you have in your area if you are even the slightest bit displeased with your current service, think you might be paying too much, or think you can get a faster or more reliable connection. While you may have to do some research and the 
Create an Amazing Home Working Environment
By this we don’t necessarily mean spending your entire savings on a state of the art home set up, but there are a few things you can invest in and plan for so that you have a home office that helps you to focus, is comfortable (but not too comfortable) to work in, and has everything you need. While every home and every remote worker are different, we recommend the following:

Furniture that is ergonomic and well-suited for you. If you’re going to be spending eight hours a day in a chair, it will only make sense to make sure it is a very good chair . A good desk or desk and cabinets will let you have everything you need in one place without feeling cramped in. 

Similarly, you might not always have natural light, so some good lighting in the area can make a world of difference. However, working near a window can make things nicer for yourself.
While you do not need the latest and greatest technology, you do need a computer setup that won’t slow you down. A mouse is better than a trackpad if you’re using a laptop.  Sometimes a second monitor or decent headphones (noise-cancelling or not) can be worth every penny and then some in regained productivity. Take some time to experiment and see what would help you.
Try to create a space where you won’t be disturbed. While other household members might want to spend time with you or ask you...