Microsoft AI Chief Jumps To AI-Powered NewsBreak

Harry Shun – previously the top exec for Microsoft AI – has made the leap to a new position as chairman of the board at AI-powered news outlet Newsbreak.


It’s a dramatic move indicating just how tempting the future prospects are in AI-generated writing and related tech.

Even if you have a cherry job at Microsoft.

Like many AI-powered news services, Newsbreak personalizes news story selections for its users based on reader location, content preferences and similar personalization data, according to GeekWire writer Todd Bishop.

Once the content selections are made, Newsbreak displays the personalized content to readers – including the ads associated with that content, according to Bishop.

In other AI-generated writing news:

*Rival News Service to Radar Goes Live in UK: A pair of United Kingdom journalists have launched ‘Just the Facts’ – a smartphone news app that delivers hyperlocal news to UK neighborhoods.

Users simply enter their post code and view news that’s most relevant to where they live.

“Just The Facts aims to deliver hyperlocal news stories without editorial comment or bias, in a unique and contemporary manner,” says Mark Anderson, former managing director at News Group Newspapers.

Anderson is partnering with former Daily Mail journalist Mark Allsopp in the Just The Facts venture.

“These hyperlocal stories are generated quickly and accurately — using cutting-edge artificial intelligence tools — which disseminate validated statistics into information relevant to you, and where you live,” Anderson adds.

Like UK news service Radar , Just The Facts mines data from publically accessible government and similar databases to auto-generate its local news.

*GPT-2 Gives Poets a Run for Their Money: Poetry readers could not discern machine-generated poetry from verses penned by humans — in a recent study by Cornell University.

The researchers conducted the study by feeding the first line of a poem to auto text generator GPT-2, and then asking GPT-2 to finish out the verse.

The result: A poem GPT-2 created that the researchers liked best was submitted for review to poetry readers – who could not tell if it had been written by a machine or a human being.

One caveat: Poetry generated by GPT-2 that was randomly selected for review — rather than hand-picked by researchers — was smoked-out by reviewers as machine-generated.

*Looking Into the Inner Workings of an Award-Winning AI Chatbot: Built In writer Jeff Link offers readers a close-up on Mitsuki with this article.

Mitsuki is a chatbot that has won first place five times in an annual competition for the most human-like chatbot.

Like most AI motor-mouths, Mitsuki is simply a spin on AI-generated writing software, which is triggered by questions or comments input by human users....

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