Top 10 Remote Working Tools That Make Work From Home A Breeze

Enterprise mobility and digital transformation, along with mobile penetration has truly transformed workspaces. The unprecedented times that pushed the world into the new normal of remote working has highlighted the importance of online tools and software. The shift has been easy for the enterprises that were already making use of these on a day-to-day basis to simplify tasks and for the ones that weren’t the shift is urgent and inevitable. 

Best Remote Working Tools

But what can be the holy grail for remote working, which are the top 10 software/tools that enterprises love and we recommend? Let’s find out!

1. Scalefusion – Remote Working 101

Scalefusion suffices the most elemental need of remote working- managed mobility. With Scalefusion, enterprises hesitant to enable remote working, use of personal devices at the workplace or shying away from leveraging digital devices for enhancing business operations can be assured. Scalefusion MDM enables IT teams to provision devices remotely- brand new devices can be directly shipped to the employee or employee’s devices can be made ‘work-ready’ with security, business apps, remote troubleshooting and more. Scalefusion essentially serves as the first elemental effort for making remote working possible.

Further, Scalefusion Eva communication Suite enables remote teams to have consistent communication and collaboration over text messages, VoIP and cellular calls and group chats. 

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2. Zoom – virtual meetings

No brainers- Zoom has been probably the most popular app that the world has used during the times for social distancing, remote working and remote learning. Working or not- everyone has attended at least one zoom call during the first half of 2020. For enterprises, Zoom is a great way to host virtual meetings, helping employees connect, engage and discuss, face-to-face. The meetings can be attended from a phone app or computer and are secured with a unique meeting ID and password. The enterprise version of zoom doesn’t have a cut off time for the meetings and also offers the brand new Zoom Virtual backgrounds to make backgrounds look pretty in the meetings to add a splash of color to an otherwise mundane, make-shift ‘home office’.

Image Sou r ce 3. Calendly – meeting scheduling

Wasn’t catching up with someone for a work discussion or a coffee break a lot easier when you were working under the same office space? You could know who’s in, then drop a message on your internal communication suite or simply walk up to their desk and schedule a meeting. With remote working and flexible work timings, meetings can often overlap with other meetings or personal commitments. With Calendly, the meetings can be scheduled in the available time slot- be it with your coworkers or with your customers....