A Tour to NextPCB – Fabrication House

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing great. In today’s tutorial, we will have a look at another competitive Fabrication House named NextPCB. Recently, I was working on a project, where I need to design some PCBs and this time, I thought of trying NextPCB.
If anyone ask me, about my experience with NEXTPCB in one word, then I would say splendid !!! So, let’s have a look at why we should select NEXTPCB for our next PCB order:
Quick Review about NextPCB

NextPCB , based in China, is working in PCB manufacturing field for 15 years.
They not only design single PCB, but also fabricate PCB Assembly & PCB Stencil.
NextPCB manufacturing materials are certified by IATF 16949, ISO9001, ISO14001, UL, RoHS and REACH.

They work on all types of PCBs i.e. single layer, double layer, multi-layer, through-hole, surface mount etc.
They are following modern techniques and are thus proved quite innovative in PCB assembling.
They provide a quick delivery response as fast as 24 hours.
They provide a dedicated 24/7 customer service, and you can also use online chat on their official website.
They have a great Quality assurance team, which makes sure that your product has all quality testing approvals.
Their no order size restriction i.e. you can order single PCB or can design hundreds.
They have a user friendly website, which is quite handy as it has a lot of features i.e.

You can calculate your final price.
You can easily order PCBs and can also track them.
Can you customer support.

Currently, there’s a sale running on their site i.e. You can order 10 pieces of 4-layer PCB for $12.

NextPCB Price Packages

On their website, they currently have four packages available, which are:

Price: $12 for 10 pieces of 4-Layer PCB.
Trial PCB Order is free of cost, you can order 5-10 pieces of 1-2 layer PCBs. (It’s the best one)
Price: $4.5 for 10 pcs of 2-Layer PCB.
Price: $28 for 10 pcs of PCB Assembly Trial.

NextPCB Instant Quote

I have found this calculator on its official site titled PCB Instant Quote , which is really helpful that’s why mentioning here.
Using this calculator, you can get the final instant quote of your order.
It’s rich with features so you can add all your requirements in it and then calculate the final cost.
They have provided this calculator for single PCB, PCB Assembly & PCB Stencil, as shown in below figure:

NextPCB PCB Assembly Capabilities

NextPCB provides competitive price with PCB Assembly Service .
NextPCB uses AOI & X-Ray testing to guarantee the quality of assembly project.
NextPCB is capable of small production and mass production for PCB Assembly, which start from 5 pieces.
They provide fast delivery with DHL.
Few of it’s PCB capabilities...