Ring Doorbell 3 Plus Review – Privacy concerns aside, Ring still dominate the battery-powered smart doorbell market

Smart home surveillance and smart doorbells have boomed in the past few years with dozens of options available on Amazon.

However, if you are looking for a battery-powered doorbell, there are surprisingly few options from big brand names. There are not even that many options, including wired doorbells, which I find odd because I find a smart doorbell one of the simplest home security and smart home upgrades.

I have recently upgraded my Ring Doorbell 2 to the new Ring Doorbell 3 Plus to see how the two compare and if it is worth the upgrade.

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Smart Doorbell products in the UK

Smart doorbell Options include:

Arlo Video Doorbell – Wired and not available in the UK (it is has been coming soon for ages) They have a wireless audio doorbell for £56 though.

Eufy Security Wireless Video Doorbell – Wired,  no UK stock, intermittently available
Google Nest Hello – Wired, £229

Xiaomi Zero Smart Doorbell – Wireless, no UK stock, grey import via GearBest

Netatmo announced a doorbell at CES 2019 and this still has not been launched.
Ezviz DB1 Doorbell – Wireless, no current UK stock but it has been available and there should be stock in July.

If you want to buy a smart doorbell right this minute from a well-known company, you have the choice of Ring or Google Nest, and the Nest is a wired option.

There are a lot of cheap random brand options though, many of which have good reviews on Amazon, some are very cheap. They will be adequate, but I doubt they will compete with the likes of Ring in terms of functionality.

Privacy Concerns

It is impossible to write about Ring and not bring up the shocking publicity they have received the past year. At one point, it seems like there was a new privacy concern every week. Ring was providing customer data to companies such as Facebook and Google. They were also caught out for partnering with at least 200 law-enforcement agencies to carry out surveillance via its devices. Then there were also numerous reports that Ring had been hacked exposing user data.

Ring has addressed most of these issues, they now enforce 2-factor authentication, the company also has announced that they are temporarily pausing the use of most third-party trackers and are working on the way to allow users to limit information sharing further.

They have also rolled out new features to the app to set the status of the system to either disarm, home or away. This doesn’t particularly affect the doorbell, but if you use any of their indoor cameras, you can set it to home or disarm mode, and it will disable these cameras.

Ring has obviously not done...

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