Netflix Wants You to Understand Why Black Lives Matter

Netflix has launched a collection of films, TV shows, and documentaries which it hopes will help people understand the Black Lives Matter movement. The collection includes dozens of titles dealing with “racial injustice and the Black experience in America”.
What Is the Black Lives Matter Movement?
Black Lives Matter is a human rights movement which originated in the US in 2013. It has since grown into an international movement campaigning against police brutality, racial profiling, racial inequality, and systemic racism in the US and beyond.
The recent protests against George Floyd’s death at the hands of the Minneapolis Police Department have brought these issues back to the fore. Making this the perfect time to learn about the issues involved and the Black Lives Matter movement as a whole.
Learn About the Black Experience on Netflix
To help everyone do that, Netflix has launched a Black Lives Matter collection of films, TV shows, and documentaries. These address the issues being raised around right now, and many were made by black filmmakers and storytellers.

When you log onto Netflix today, you will see a carefully curated list of titles that only begin to tell the complex and layered stories about racial injustice and Blackness in America.
— Netflix (@netflix) June 10, 2020

The content in the collection includes Orange Is the New Black, 13th, When They See Us, Becoming, Dear White People, Seven Seconds, All Day and a Night, Mudbound, and See You Yesterday. The contents of the collection may differ based on your location.
The easiest way to find Netflix’ Black Lives Matter collection is to click here . However, it should also be available as its own genre in the dropdown menu, will appear if you search “Black Lives Matter,” and may even be promoted via a popup when you sign in.
It’s There for the People Who Want to Learn
Netflix isn’t forcing anyone to watch these films, TV shows, and documentaries. However, by curating the collection, the streaming service is making it much easier for people who want to do so learn about the Black Lives Matter movement.
Netflix has plenty of other content worth watching. So much, in fact, that we were able to put together an A-Z of TV shows to binge-watch . They cover the full gamut of genres, including intriguing dramas, funny comedies, and mysterious horrors.
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