How Smart Security Can Help Protect Your Parents and Help You Worry Less

Our parents love us and and care for us throughout our lives. But naturally, the time comes when they need us to care for them. For many of us, COVID-19 pushed the timeline up sooner than we expected.

As deeply as we love them, the safety and well-being of Mom and Dad can become one more worry that keeps us up at night. And sleepless nights may just be the start of it. Anyone who has ever acted as a family caregiver — or someone who provides unpaid care to a family member, friend, or neighbor — knows it’s a big job. The  Family Caregiver Alliance  estimates that 44 million Americans provide 37 billion hours of care each year for adult family members and friends.

Whether it’s your mother or father, or just a dear family friend, caregiving is rewarding yet challenging work. What if you could give that special person in your life a gift that could make life easier for both of you, like professionally monitored smart home security?

Could home security help my parents?

If you’re wondering if a professionally monitored security system is right for your mom, dad, or any elderly loved one in your life, ask yourself if any of the following apply:

Do they live alone?
Do they live in another state, far away from family?
Is crime a concern in their neighborhood?
Do you worry they don’t have access to help when they need it?
Do they have health or mobility issues?
Are they on a budget?
Do they find it hard to keep a comfortable temperature at home?
Do they have trouble remembering to turn things on and shut things off?

If any of these questions made you think about your folks, a smart home security system may be just the right gift to improve their quality of life and give you peace of mind.

Why give the gift of home security

Security might sound like a boring present at first, but remember, security isn’t just a couple sensors and a bulky keypad anymore. A professionally monitored smart security system offers 24/7 burglar, fire, and CO monitoring plus home automation to help you manage day-to-day life.

And as a bonus, this is a gift that gives two ways. Home security and automation can help things run a little smoother for anyone in your life who lives alone, has mobility issues, or just needs some peace of mind. And you can relax knowing that if they need help, it’s there.

Because home security systems require some personalization, a gift of home security might not look like your average gift. You’ll discover that reliable security companies are more than happy to work with you to find creative ways to make your present a reality.

What monitored smart home security brings to the table

You have a lot of choices for a home security solution. You have the option to keep it very simple, with basic intrusion detection, but there are also tons of add-ons that serve...