The Top And Simple Way To Add A PDF Form Signature

In some cases, when you apply for an online job and submit it via e-mail, you have to add signature to pdf files with your CV. This can be done only through printing, signing, and scanning the document and attaching it to your email.. That’s a boring, time consuming job. Besides, there are other ways to add a signature into a PDF file that are simpler and faster. Here you can see the quick ways below:

Differentiate between the electronic and certificate signature (digital signature ) :

It’s becoming common knowledge that electronic signatures are easy to use.. With one click of the mouse or by using fingerprints, users may easily sign documents. A certificate signature (digital signature), however, is encrypted for security which only allows the authorized user access to use it. 

An electronic signature is equivalent to the original handwritten signature. It is just an image of your signature on a PDF page overlaid. On the other side, a Certificate signature (digital signature) is authenticated, meaning an individual with a private signing key has seen and signed the document. It’s secure, but it is complicated, too. The Certificate signature (digital signature) is the equivalent of a notarization signature online. A reliable, certificate authority third party is the notary of authentication of your identity.

Ways of adding electronic signature in PDF:

Lumin PDF

Lumin PDF is a software aimed at replacing tedious work with PDF files using effective digital procedures. Using Lumin PDF you can easily sign all the necessary documents fast and easy online. You will leave pens, papers and scanners in the past. Lumin allows you to create a signature by yourself almost the same way as drawing on paper.

Click the Signature icon on Lumin toolbar
Click Create Signature
Draw paint the signature with a brush, as in any graphics editor
Drag, resize and position the signature inside the PDF file

If you have ready-made signatures of the teammates, boss, or your own, just paste it into the document.

·       Click the Signature icon on Lumin toolbar

Click Upload Image
Choose the file from your PC no larger than 2.5 MB

 You can also insert a signature in PDF by writing one of the fonts. We have 6 types of fonts for signature, in which you can also choose the color, opacity, and thickness.

Click the Signature icon on Lumin toolbar
Click Type
Choose a style and fill the font

 Once you have created the signature, you can change the opacity of the image or add a comment.

LightPDF (all platforms are supported):

LightPDF is a free online PDF platform that helps you to add your signature digitally into PDF . No installation or registration is required for this tool. You can transform PDF to Text, PNG, JPG, PPT or Text, PNG, JPG, PPT, Excel to PDF...