Apple Watch Series 5 – 7 Interesting Features!

                            Gone are the days when you had to pull out your iPhones out of your pocket or reach out to the table to pick it up in order to check notifications, answer calls, text & more. With Apple Series watches, you probably don’t even need one in order to carry out the day-to-day activities you do with your iPhone. Right from checking notifications, answering calls, tracking your health & fitness, there is a lot that Apple has been bringing to the table with its series of watches. 
No doubt, Apple Watch is a powerful device in a small & cool looking wrist band. With the recent Apple Series 5 Watch, Apple has brought tons of new productive & exciting features to make the best out of your apple watch. In this article let’s check out step-by-step some of the most interesting features that may help in your day-to-day life!
Some of these apple watch series 5 features may be new & are only available with the new apple watch series 5 while few of them are already present on its predecessors, regardless, they’re worth a try!
So, without any further a due, let’s jump right into it!
1. Always on Retina Display:

The most awaited feature is the always-on display of the apple watch series 5. It lets you display time & other glanceable information on your watch even when your wrist is down. Kept turned on by default on the watch, it shows the time along with the most recent active app & your watch face. 
To save battery, the watch dims the display when your wrist is down or when you cover the display with your hand. You may also choose to hide sensitive information such as your messages, heart rate, calendar events from being displayed. 
To turn this feature on, Open Settings on your apple watch by pressing the digital crown to see home screen > Tap Settings > Open Display & Brightness > Turn the Hide Sensitive Complications toggle on.
2. Compass App:
The new Compass app which is only available with the apple watch series 5 lets you know the direction you’re currently facing, your location & elevation. Similar to iPhone, the Apple Maps uses the built-in compass sensor to indicate the direction you’re heading which comes in handy while using step-by-step directions to your destination.

For an accurate reading of your compass -  hold your watch flat so the crosshairs gets aligned at the center of the compass. As you move, the red cone that surrounds the compass needle shows you the accuracy of the heading. Whereas, a narrow cone indicates better accuracy than a wider cone.
You may rotate the digital crown up to see your co-ordinates, incline & elevation.
To enable Compass to access your location, Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Compass > Select While Using The App. 
3. ECG App:

While heart rate monitoring is common amongst all the apple...