Make your island easier to traverse by building bridges and inclines

Make getting around your island easier with some construction projects

When you start playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, much of your island will be inaccessible because you can't cross rivers or climb cliffs. You'll first be able to get across water by crafting a vaulting pole after Blathers pitches his tent on your island. But you're going to need to do some more work and have plenty of Bells to make it permanently easier to navigate your home.

Building your first bridge

After Timmy and Tommy have opened their shop, Nook's Cranny , Tom Nook will ask you to stake out plots of land for three new villagers who want to move in. You can put them all in your starting area, but you'll also have the option to build them across the river by constructing your very first bridge.

Tom will give you a recipe to construct a Log Bridge made from four log stakes, four clay, and four stones. Gather up the materials and hit the DIY bench and you'll whip up a bridge construction kit. Stake out a decent spot. You'll need to find a place where the river is just the right width, and the land on either side is even to be able to begin construction. Like with any structure, you can imagine how it will look before you commit. Once you've found the perfect place, you'll be able to set up your construction site. The next day, your bridge will be built. Unfortunately, constructing more bridges only gets more challenging.

Let's talk infrastructure

You won't be able to do any more construction until you've finished upgrading Resident Services from a tent to a building by getting those three villagers to move into their furnished homes. Once that happens, Tom Nook will set up a desk where you can talk to him about projects to work on. One of the options is "Let's talk infrastructure," which will let you build additional bridges or inclines that allow you to reach elevated areas of your islands.

Unfortunately, you can't just craft these structures with materials you've gathered around the island. Instead, you'll need to pick out kits of varying prices and styles. These are the eight types of bridges and their prices.

Log bridge: 98,000 Bells
Suspension bridge: 129,000 Bells
Stone bridge: 168,000 Bells
Wooden bridge: 168,000 Bells
Brick bridge: 198,000 Bells
Iron bridge: 228,000 Bells
Red zen bridge: 228,000 Bells
Zen bridge: 228,000 Bells

Inclines must be placed in a clear area relatively close to the base of a cliff. These are the eight types of inclines and their prices.

Natural ramp: 98,000 Bells
Blue-plank ramp: 128,000 Bells
White-plank ramp: 128,000 Bells
Log staircase: 168,000 Bells
Stone staircase: 168,000 Bells
Brick staircase: 198,000 Bells
Blue steel staircase: 228,000 Bells
Red steel staircase: 228,000 Bells

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