High-precision Temperature Measurement Module FT20 Guarantees People to Go out Safely

For now, the world will face a very serious problem. That is the current impact of new coronary pneumonia. Because in the current situation, everyone is not sure about the infected person and they are all quarantined at home. In order to cope with the outbreak, we can find infected people with abnormal body temperature in the crowd, Rakinda launched a high-precision temperature measurement module to help people through the outbreak.
In a large public place, people are very close to each other. According to the requirements, they need to go to the professional temperature measurement and measure their temperature together. Three or five of them walked in front of the display screen embedded in our temperature measurement module, and the temperature data of each of them appeared instantly on the display screen and showed normal. Finally, they passed safely, followed by the next batch of tourists.
But how can this be done? It can be done by embedding our temperature measurement module. Our FT20 temperature measurement module is a dual camera, using 256×192 pixels to accurately read the temperature records of tourists. At the same time, the module is small in size and is very suitable for installation in other equipment. Of course, we have related development kits for developers to integrate more convenient.