Find a New Bit Crushing Soul M8!

Bit crushing is a unique digital effect which, essentially, reduces the fidelity of the sound – the best way to imagine it is that it reduces the resolution of the audio, much like pixelation in digital images. The 8BitM8 is a hardware bitcrusher which comes hand painted and is packed with high quality components, the most notable of which is the super arcade button!
The 8BitM8 was inspired by the tonal qualities of vintage samplers, MPCs and lo-fi effects. It’s able to output 4, 6 and 8-Bit audio with controls for mix, sample rate and a built in lowpass filter. The arcade button has a momentary mode, for quick chopped-up glitches, or a latching mode for more sustained, conventional on/off operation.

For fans of the Casio SK-1, SP12000 and range of early Akai 3000 series samplers, the 8BitM8 allows you to create a lo-fi sound, with sounds spanning subtle overtones to extreme digital distortion. Choose from a range of colour combinations and button types – the 8BitM8 also features true bypass, and is powered by a 9V centre-negative adapter (not included).
The 8BitM8 is available in midierror’s store , alongside a few other hand-made musical gadgets. Check out the demo video below to see it in action!

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