We’re Serving Up a Refresher Course on Safer Household Cleaning

A recent CDC report revealed a messy truth about American cleaning habits:

While 60% of the people they surveyed were cleaning and disinfecting their homes more frequently, as many as 1/3 had engaged in risky cleaning behaviors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

There may be a serious knowledge gap in our country about how to safely clean and disinfect our homes, including:

Safe preparation of cleaning and disinfectant solutions
Use of recommended personal protective equipment when using cleaners and disinfectants
Safe storage of hand sanitizers, cleaners, and disinfectants

Safe cleaning may not seem like a big deal, but improper use or mixing of cleaning products can lead to serious health problems. The results can range from red, itchy eyes, to skin rashes, to severe lung damage or death.

You’re probably wondering why a security company is talking about cleaning your home rather than protecting it. Well, we’re in the business of safe. And it doesn’t matter what the topic is; if we can help, we will. That said, here’s some helpful tips to help you clean your home more safely.

Safe Home Cleaning Tips

The CDC puts these three tips front and center:

1. Read the label.

Treat new cleaning supplies with the same care you would treat a new prescription medication or a power tool. Don’t just dive in and hope for the best; read the directions!

Cleaning product labels lay out information about active ingredients, how to store and use them safely, and any possible hazards you should be aware of. This is where you’ll find answers to important questions like:

Do I need to use this product in a well-ventilated area?
What surfaces are safe to use this product on?
Should I wear protective gear (like gloves) while using it?
What to look for:

Directions / Instructions: This section is going to give you the rules of the road — how to use it, where to use it, how long to use it, etc.

Some products will display pictograms to help you visualize correct usage.

Ingredients: If a product label does not show the full list of ingredients, it will usually tell you where they can be found online.

TIP: To find the safest cleaning products for you and your family, look for the EPA’s Safer Choice label . Safer Choice-labeled products are evaluated by EPA scientists to help consumers identify effective cleaning products that are safer for people, pets, and the environment.

If you’re specifically looking for cleaning products to use against COVID-19, check out the EPA’s list of disinfectants .

Storage and Disposal: No big surprises here — this part will tell you how to safely store and throw away the product. Cleaning products should be kept somewhere cool, clean, and dry, safely away from children and pets, and always in the original...