How Black Coffee Helps in Weight Loss?

Coffee is a worldwide known drink and around 80 % of the population drink coffee. The majority of the people start their day by sipping coffee but very few are aware of the link between black coffee and weight loss.
Many substances found in coffee helps to affect metabolism which can aid in weight loss. It contains many antioxidants and vitamins like B2, B3, and B5 that are beneficial for other health problems as well.

Below given are the points that can help you to understand how coffee can help in weight loss.

Helps to increase metabolic rate and boosts fat burning

A component called caffeine helps to boost metabolism by burning fat cells for energy. It also helps to improve your metabolism when the body is at rest i.e. your resting metabolic rate (RMR). It is easier to lose weight when you have a high metabolic rate which also helps you to eat more without gaining a few extra pounds. Caffeine helps the body to burn more fat as compared to when there is no intake of caffeine. It is recommended to drink a cup of black coffee in the morning to kick start your day.

Helps to reduce the production of new fat cells

Chlorogenic acids present in black coffee helps to slow down glucose production in the body. This means that when you consume black coffee after a meal it will help your body to produce less glucose and less fat cells. It may also help to reduce the absorption of glucose in the small intestine, boosts fat metabolism, and lowers cholesterol. However, this method only works if you drink black coffee without any additives. The addition of milk, sugar, or cream adds calories, fats, and cholesterol to your drink due to which you no longer gain any benefit from it.

Helps to suppress hunger

Chlorogenic acid also plays an important role in controlling and suppressing hunger. Many dieticians recommend its supplement for weight loss. Black coffee helps to suppress your appetite due to a protein PYY or Peptide YY also known as peptide tyrosine. When the protein is released by your cells it helps you to suppress the desire to eat. The caffeine also helps to do so as it increases the metabolic activity and boosts the energy level in the body due to which you do not feel hungry for a longer time.

Helps to reduce water content in the body

Many people tend to have the problem of water retention due to which they carry water weight with themselves and find it difficult to get rid of that excess water in the body. Black coffee is known for its diuretic effect i.e. it allows the excess water to pass from the body as urine. Caffeine is said to have a mild diuretic effect and doesn’t lead to dehydration if consumed in the right amount and hence it is ideal for people with water weight. However, it is more effective for short term weight loss as your body slowly gets tolerant to the caffeine content.

Helps to burn more calories during...