Coreflux Develop blog — Enjoy The changes

Develop blog — Enjoy The changes
Old Design Board After beta testing, we are on our road for version 1.0. We are rolling out to market, and it is going to be available worldwide. The beta test proved to bring three major concerns:

The usability and integration of the flux assets from the Hub
The lack of social interaction with  Coreflux

The necessity of going mobile

Since we are striving to bring the best IoT platform , we decided to embark in changing everything again and bringing a new design into life. And adding functionalities to reply to the concerns of our users.
Coreflux Hub Splashscreen with web interaction The team on the Hub proceeded with 122 git pushes. One of those was entitled the “1001 changes ” since we were starting to become overwhelmed by our design. But we were getting there :
Coreflux Hub — Installing an asset The palette colours of the new Hub, the organization of the assets, the integration with documentation and video lessons bring Coreflux into a new field. This design is ready for our roadmap to go to into a remote/mobile hub. We already cover the :

Control of the number of assets from the user account
Download the assets from the cloud so the user can test/buy
Starts / Stops of all the flux assets
Install / Uninstall flux assets
The basic configuration of the flux assets

The cloud integration with the Hub was a game-changer but eventually developed some issues. If the user unplugs the Hub from the internet, how do we support the new system? If the Hub receives from the cloud a new flux asset version that does not support the current config, how do we update?
We have answers for this already, we will post them in due time.

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