Prepare eggs quickly with these steamy cookers

From hard-boiled to poached, egg cookers are designed to remove the hassle from egg prep. They cook up these little yoked miracles to create a variety of dishes like deviled eggs, egg salad, and even omelets. For those who are pro egg or just need an easy way to incorporate protein, these speedy cookin' machines make eggs ready to eat in minutes. To help you choose, we've collected our favorite egg cookers.

Half-dozen expert

Dash rapid 6-capacity electric egg cooker

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Can't get enough eggs? Hard-boiled, medium, soft, poached? This little egg-cooking machine can handle it. With room to boil six eggs at a time, this dome-style cooker has the room to feed your egg habit. The machine has an easy timer button, clear (egg-scoping) lid, and interchangeable inserts that cook eggs how you like them. It has boiling, poaching, and omelet trays, so all your egg needs are covered. To get started, just select your egg preference, load the machine, and set the timer. The convenient timer will even chime when the eggs are ready. Choose from a variety of fun color options to make this model part of your kitchen.

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Maxi-Matic 7-capacity electric egg cooker

You can cook up more than a half dozen eggs with this easy, seven-capacity egg cooker. With 360-degree steam circulation, this device blankets eggs with heat to cook quickly and evenly. So, with a little water, you'll cook hard-boiled eggs and more. This cooker has convenient inserts to prepare several egg varieties, including a seven-egg tray, two-egg poaching tray, and an omelet tray. You'll cook up your favorite style eggs in minutes with a simple press of a button. This model also has a built-in timer and auto shut-off.

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By the dozen

Dash deluxe 12-capacity rapid egg cooker

Love eggs so much that you eat them by the dozen? Well, this machine makes it super simple to cook them by the dozen--so it might make your egg-preppin' dreams come true. With double the capacity of most egg cookers, this model's stacked design offers plenty of room to cook 12 eggs. To help prep your egg of choice, this machine features two poaching trays, two boiling trays, and an omelet tray. Just load the machine, add a little water, flip the switch, and let the steam do its thing. Choose from a variety of color options to make this cooker yours.

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Better than half

Hamilton Beach 7-capacity electric egg cooker

Bring on the protein with this seven-egg model by Hamilton Beach. From hard-boiled to poached, this egg cooker is built to prepare eggs the way you like them. This machine uses the power of steam to cook eggs within minutes. This model includes a seven-egg tray for boiling and a nonstick metal egg poaching tray. It's easy to operate with a simple power switch, and a timer alert that...