Five Tips for Choosing the Best Swimwear in Plus Size

As the temperatures rise, you may begin to think of beaches, swimming pools, and the dreaded trip to the department store to pick out swimwear in plus size. More than ever, there are a multitude of different styles, colors, and fabrics that are available to full figured women.

So, how do you begin your search for the right swimwear in plus size for you? Follow these five tips the next time you hit the mall in search of the right bikini, tankini , or one-piece.

Pay For Quality

Let’s face it. Swimwear in plus size can be expensive. A good quality suit can set you back $60 to $100. Yes, you can still find cheap swimwear for less than $40, but an inexpensive suit might not fit as well or be as durable.

If you will be wearing a bathing suit more than three or four times, invest in one that fits well and is made to last.

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Select A Style

Not too long ago, plus size women were limited to less than flattering maillots with matronly attached skirts. This was not a pretty look. These days, you can choose from sexy bikinis , flattering tankinis, sporty one-piece suits, boy shorts, and board shorts.

Consider what you will be doing in your bathing suit. If you will be doing lots of swimming, you may want to choose a one piece with ample support and coverage. If sunbathing is more your speed, try the cute bikini.

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Choose Your Coverage

Every woman has something about her body that she doesn’t especially like. So, don’t worry. Look for a style that plays up your best features and camouflages the less than perfect.

If you are fair skinned, you may also want to look for additional coverage from the sun.

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Consider Shopping Online

If you detest the fluorescent lights in the department store dressing rooms and the pesky saleswomen who are not especially helpful, you may want to shop for swimwear from the privacy of your own home.

There are numerous online swimwear retailers that carry a wide range of styles and sizes. Most online stores have great customer service, but make sure you understand the return policy before you buy.

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You Are Your Worst Critic

Give yourself a break when trying on swimwear. Not every suit is going to look perfect or even fit. Remember to find a suit that makes you feel comfortable.

The last thing you want...