What Is Wumpus World In Artificial Intelligence?

The Wumpus World in Artificial intelligence

Wumpus world:

The Wumpus world is a simple world example to illustrate the worth of a knowledge-based agent and to represent knowledge representation. It was inspired by a video game Hunt the Wumpus by Gregory Yob in 1973.

The Wumpus world is a cave which has 4/4 rooms connected with passageways. So there are total 16 rooms which are connected with each other. We have a knowledge-based agent who will go forward in this world. The cave has a room with a beast which is called Wumpus, who eats anyone who enters the room. The Wumpus can be shot by the agent, but the agent has a single arrow. In the Wumpus world, there are some Pits rooms which are bottomless, and if agent falls in Pits, then he will be stuck there forever. The exciting thing with this cave is that in one room there is a possibility of finding a heap of gold. So the agent goal is to find the gold and climb out the cave without fallen into Pits or eaten by Wumpus. The agent will get a reward if he comes out with gold, and he will get a penalty if eaten by Wumpus or falls in the pit.

Following is a sample diagram for representing the Wumpus world. It is showing some rooms with Pits, one room with Wumpus and one agent at (1, 1) square location of the world.

There are also some components that can help the agent to navigate the cave. These components are given as follows:

The rooms adjacent to the Wumpus room are smelly so that it would have some stench.
The room adjacent to PITs has a breeze, so if the agent reaches near to PIT, then he will perceive the breeze.
There will be glitter in the room if and only if the room has gold.
The Wumpus can be killed by the agent if the agent is facing to it, and Wumpus will emit a horrible scream which can be heard anywhere in the cave.

PEAS description of Wumpus world:

To explain the Wumpus world we have given PEAS description as below:

Performance measure:

+1000 reward points if the agent comes out of the cave with the gold.
-1000 points penalty for being eaten by the Wumpus or falling into the pit.
-1 for each action, and -10 for using an arrow.
The game ends if either agent dies or came out of the cave.


A 4*4 grid of rooms.
The agent initially in room square [1, 1], facing toward the right.
Location of Wumpus and gold are chosen randomly except the first square [1,1].
Each square of the cave can be a pit with probability 0.2 except the first square.


Left turn,
Right turn
Move forward


The agent will perceive the stench if he is in the room adjacent to the Wumpus. (Not diagonally).
The agent will perceive breeze...

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