Seamless and Satisfying: Galaxy S20 Gets Exciting New User Experience Upgrades

From innovative camera capabilities to new ways to chat, stream and game, the Galaxy S20 series is jam-packed with features designed to provide exciting mobile experiences. The nuances of sensory feedback can change the way we feel about using our devices, whether it’s the way our device transitions from screen to screen, the haptic sensation we get from typing a message, or the way customized music and sounds convey mood and emotion.
Samsung has taken every detail into consideration with the design of the UI that underlies the Galaxy S20 series. Read on to learn more about how Samsung made this satisfying sensory experience a reality.
Scroll, Zoom and Explore in Peace
A display’s ‘refresh rate’ refers to the number of times a monitor loads new information every second. The Galaxy S20 series features a display with a 120Hz refresh rate, ensuring the viewing experience is responsive and satisfying to engage with no matter the task.
Not only is the display easier on your eyes, the faster refresh rate means anything with motion or animation appears much smoother. Whether you are scrolling through your favorite website, flipping through apps on your Home screen, or playing a game, you will get a more polished experience.
Natural, Dynamic Interaction
One UI 2’s motion and interaction design are optimized for various Galaxy devices, from smartphones to foldables and tablets. Regardless of screen size, Samsung designed the UI to allow for effortless screen transitions, showcasing the swift and elegant design achievements made over the years. Those design achievements have culminated in a UI for the Galaxy S20 with intuitiveness, seamlessness, tangibility, and vibrancy at its core.
From picking up an incoming phone call to moving an app’s icon around the Home Screen, the Galaxy S20’s interaction responses fit intuitively with the way the device functions.

Interface responses are also seamless, allowing for smooth and continuous feedback to your touch inputs. When launching an app from the Home Screen, for example, the icon expands, and the screen switches to a new page in one fluid motion that feels more natural.

In addition to its seamlessness, the Galaxy S20 responds in real-time to user control and understands delicate touches to provide tangible, satisfying feedback.

Further adding to that experience is the streamlined style of notifications and other alerts the Galaxy S20 provides. Vivid animations and concise layouts deliver information in a clear, vibrant manner.

Tactile Satisfaction
A phone’s haptic feedback is that satisfying kinesthetic communication—or vibration—you get from your phone when interacting with it. In designing the Galaxy S20’s haptic feedback,...