Keep your everyday valuables safe from damage and loss with this award-winning safe

With the great migration to digital files and cloud storage, the safety deposit box and the ever-reliable home safe may soon be rendered obsolete. Then again, there are certain documents that can't easily be digitized (think passports), and you may have belongings that can't be kept with merely just a lock and key.
For items that you want to protect against damage and accidental loss, you'd be better off depositing them inside the  Motorola Smart Safe , an award-winning safe that stores everyday items that need to be thoroughly secured yet keep within reach.
It connects with your smartphone and sends 24/7 real-time security alerts to help you keep tabs on your valuables. Measuring at only 8.4 inches, it's completely compact and can fit almost anywhere — all you have to do is mount it to a wall using the included hardware. It also comes equipped with all the features you would want your safe to have: water-resistant keypad, humidity and odor control system, an intelligent reminder system, and a host of other security features. Plus, even when you're away, you can open the safe with just your phone, making it ideal for emergency situations.
For a limited time, you can get it on sale for  only $109.99 . That's a 14 percent savings from the original cost of $129.
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