Do you know the SAR rating of Cellphone?- Know it here!

We all know that Cell-phone works based on the Radiation frequencies or Electromagnetic waves. And some studies have linked the causes & effects of radiation on human health . It is being said that exposure to electromagnetic radiation, in the long run, may cause brain tumor or different types of cancer. 
The radiations coming from the Cell phone or Mobile device can be determined based on their SAR value. This value can help us know how exposed are humans to the radiation emitted from your smartphone devices. 
So, without further ado, let’s jump right into the topic!
First thing first, what is SAR in mobile phones?
SAR rating simply stands for Specific Absorption Rate. It is a measure of the maximum energy absorbed a unit of mass of exposed tissue of a human body from a mobile phone for a given period of time. OR simply, ‘ the rate of electromagnetic radiation frequency absorbed by a human body from the source into consideration - in this scenario, a cell phone.
How the SAR rating of cell phone is measured?

To test the SAR value of any particular Smartphone, different standardized dummies of the human head and body filled with liquids that stimulate the RF absorption characteristics of different human tissues are used. 
To determine the SAR value of the smartphone, each cell phone is placed against dummy head & body in various different positions & each of the sides of the head to stimulate the way different users typically hold a cell phone.
And, a robotic probe takes a series of measurements of the electric field at pin-pointed locations in a very accurate & grid-like pattern within the head & torso. 
Finally, all the data is submitted for final authorization; however, only the highest SAR values for each frequency band are included in the final authorization to check compliance based on FCC’s Radiation Frequency Guidelines.
What does SAR tell you?
SAR provides a means to determine the RF characteristics of a mobile phone to make sure whether they are complying with the Safety Guidelines as laid down by the FCC . 
As per FCC,  the permissible limit for public exposure from cell phones is a SAR level of 1.6 watts per kilogram (W/kg). Hence, any Cell phone at or below this SAR level is considered to be safe.

How to Check the SAR of your Smartphone?

Check your Mobile User Guide. It is likely that you find the value there.
Check on your Mobile Phone Manufacturer Website: For ease, please find the ones of the popular brands as below, 

Dial the USSD code - #07#
Look into your Phone’s Settings. 
Check it here on the FCC Website: Type in the FCC ID number of your Cell phone & hit search.

To name a few, SAR rating of iPhone 11 is 1.09 W/kg where as the SAR rating of Samsung S10 is 1.11 W/kg. We’ve...