The 6 Best Fireplace Remote Control Reviews and Buying Guide

A remote-controlled fireplace is the very definition of the future being here. Electronically controlled fireplaces are all on the rage these days and they are far more convenient than having to light up a fire all by yourselves. Remote control devices are so robust that they can convert your ordinary-looking fireplaces to remote-controlled working
In this article, we are going to list down and review the best of the remote controls used for fireplaces. But how can you know if a certain type of fireplace remote control is fit for your use or not? Be sure to check for the following key factors before buying one.

Compatibility with your fireplace: Remotes are available in two models. A simple handheld controller that is bought for a specific fireplace model or entire remote control sets that are there to suit the different types of fireplaces easily.

Different Valve controls: A fireplace remote control comes with various options to control the different valves that are available in a fireplace. One of the major three types of valves available are

Millivolt Gas Valve: A common fireplace valve, this valve is compatible with a majority of remote controls. This valve helps in controlling the standing pilot burning. There is a receiver and a controller that will complete the circuit and help you control the power of the fireplace. If power is not present, the valve will automatically shut down the entire fireplace too.

Maxitrol: Touted to be the most precise type of control options, these valves will help in operating a defined certain servomotor. If your fireplace has this type of valve, it will let you not only control but also modulate and adjust the flames of the fireplace with greater precision

Latching Solenoid: These are valves controlled by solenoids or a type of electromagnet. While millivolt valves use electric current for control, latching solenoid valves do not need electric current all the time. When you use the remote control, the receiver will project a large amount of voltage that will aid in turning on the valves.

Ease of installation: The next important thing to consider is how easy it is to install the remote control. Most of the remote controls are universal in nature, they will simply require you to place the receiver in such a way for ignition, and then the remote will do the rest. But a few types of fireplaces are far too unique and would require special installation by technicians. Make sure that the remote control you’re buying is easily installable.

Range of control: Honestly, fireplace remotes do not have a lot of range. The very idea is to have enough range so that you can control the place from your living room or maybe a few rooms away. So you can expect the range of remote control to be about a few meters (10-15 feet maximum).

Versatility: Finally, do check how versatile your remote control is. This refers to what kind...