Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is an exciting new computing paradigm with unique problems to be solved and new physics to be discovered. Quantum computing, in essence, is the ultimate in parallel computing, with the potential to tackle problems conventional computers can’t handle. For example, quantum computers may simulate nature to advance research in chemistry, materials science and molecular modeling. In 2015, Intel established a collaborative relationship with QuTech to accelerate advancements in quantum computing. The collaboration spans the entire quantum system – or “stack” – from qubit devices to the hardware and software architecture required to control these devices as well as quantum applications. All of these elements are essential to advancing quantum computing from research to reality.

Quantum Computing News

Intel and QuTech Demonstrate High-Fidelity ‘Hot’ Qubits for Practical Quantum Systems (News Byte)

Intel Introduces ‘Horse Ridge’ to Enable Commercially Viable Quantum Computers (News Byte)

What It Will Take to Make Quantum Computers Practical (Editorial)

The Race to Commercially-Viable Quantum Computing Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint (Editorial)

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Intel Drives Development of Quantum Cryoprober with Bluefors and Afore to Accelerate Quantum Computing  (News Byte)

Reinventing Data Processing With Quantum Computing  (Intel.com)

Intel’s 49-Qubit Processor: The Future of Quantum Computing is Counted in Qubits (Intel Explainer)

Senate Advances National Quantum Initiative Act (Jim Clarke Blog)

Intel Highlights Engineering Innovation at International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM) 2018 (Fact Sheet)

House Takes Important Step in U.S. Quantum Computing Initiative (Policy@Intel Blog)

Building a Future Computer That Will ‘Look Like No Other’ (News Byte)

Intel Applauds Bipartisan Congressional Effort to Accelerate Quantum Computing Research (News Byte)

Intel Showcases Quantum Computing Research Progress At American Physical Society (APS) March Meeting 2018 (Fact Sheet)

Readying Quantum Computing for Life’s Biggest Mysteries (iq.intel.com)

Intel Delivers 17-Qubit Superconducting Chip with Advanced Packaging to QuTech  (News Byte)

Intel Invests $50 Million to Advance Quantum Computing  (News Release)

Intel Advancing Quantum Computing from Research to Reality  (Fact Sheet)
Biographies: James P. Held | James S. Clarke  | Anne Matsuura

Other Press Kits: Intel Labs | Neuromorphic Computing

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